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Nebraska Ski Area Guide -- Very Complete

  • Cornhusker Ski Club, Lincoln
    Social events, discount tickets, bus trips...the usual.

  • Nebraski, Gretna 20 skiable acres on 200' vertical
    Specs: 5 lifts: 1 double, 4 surface. Night Skiing. Rentals. Snowmaking.
    The SKInny: Used to have a more ski area-ish name.

  • Omaha Ski Club, Omaha
    Skiers, snowboarders, outdoor enthusiasts; bus trips, etc.

  • Prairie Hills Golf and Ski Club, Pleasanton 15 skiable acres on 120' vertical
    Specs: 2 rope tows. Longest Run: 1300'. Night Skiing. Rentals. Snowmaking.
    The SKInny: Golf course with winter skiing operations, and we're damn glad of it.


Lifts We don't consider a ski area's tubing-only lifts as part of the total. Signature Trail Is mostly subjective. Whether it's history, reputation, the view, or degree of's the run you have to do, even if it isn't necessarily the best the resort has to offer.

Finally, a note about ski area statistics: Although it's hard to believe, some ski areas are (gasp!) less than truthful with their numbers. Like the guy who lies about his, uh, shoe size, some ski areas believe that inflated numbers make their resort sound more appealling. When these numbers are obviously questionable, we put a note: (?!) and will attempt to verify the legitimacy of the claim.

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